Construction of artificial grass land in area 6

Mehrshad Allah Verdi, Mayor of District 5, in a conversation with the social correspondent of the journalists' club, referring to the construction of artificial turf land in the area, said: Due to the low per capita sports, this area, in cooperation with the regional social welfare area, is used in unused empty spaces in the shell The promise tunnel in Valiasr Street, located between Valiasr and Gandhi, has also been implemented with the availability of credits for the construction of this artificial grass land.
He added: "Based on experiments conducted in the field of soil mechanics and densimetry that experts have on this land on the crater of the tunnel mission, it also considers the capacity of the area to be at the back of the land, a dressing room, a toilet And parking is also to be built.
Allah Verdi emphasized that the construction of artificial turf land is now ready for use by the citizens in order to facilitate the use of sports facilities, and during the next three months, the toilet and laundry facilities will be exploited.
The Mayor of District 5 said at the end: The construction of the Africa Loop Reserve, which will provide irrigation of the green area without the use of urban drinking water, will soon be fully opened.